Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Today We Celebrate Our Anniversary! {March of Kindness: March 1}

March of Kindness

If you'll notice, I have a short explanation of what the March of Kindness is all about in my sidebar. Read it, click on a link (they're in red), and check it out!

So, today hubby and I celebrate our anniversary. Our real anniversary is February 29th. We figured that, since each year is 365 1/4 days long, we can celebrate for 6 hours on March 1. Make sense? OK.

I'll do the regular things I do on our anniversary this year: make a special dinner, plan some extra time together, be extra nice and not nag about stuff, etc. But, to fit in with the March of Kindness meme, I want to do something extra special, too. After looking over the list of ideas for random acts of kindness that Code Name: Mama put together, I have decided to do #5 - "Give them a full body massage" and #12 - "Read an article about something your partner is interested in and have a fun conversation about it."

Now, I'm usually the one on the receiving end of those lovely massages. I hang out with Little Guy all day long, picking him up and dealing with tantrums. I cook, clean, and do all of the other things that go along with being a SAHM. I am getting old. The weather sucks. I hurt all of the time, all over my body. On those rare occasions where hubby and I are both awake and can spend some, um..., quality time with each other, he often gives me a nice massage. It's very rare but, when it happens, I am always the one getting the lotion rubbed on. Hubby never complains, never asks for his turn, nothing. It's a little freaky how he never even acts like he wants one. Anyway, it's his turn.

The reading an article about something he's interested in is going to be tough - and a huge surprise to him. He loves history. And debating. While I tatally see the need for learning about history (and learning from our mistakes), I'm not "into" it. And I hate debating with him. He's one of those people who gets so excited about a conversation that he'll talk over, around, and through you to make his point and show you how you're thinking is incorrect. OK. Deep breath... I'm going to do it. And if I'm going to do it, why not do it big, right? He loves, in particular, history that deals with the criminal justice system. "So-and-so was put to death for such-and-such a reason - but there was NO EVIDENCE!!!" He loves debating these things so much that he'll take up either side of the argument, he's not choosy. There have been times when he's argued for BOTH sides at the same time... in the same sentence... in   the   same   breath... UGH.

So, you see how both of these acts of kindness will be completely random to him? They are extra-special because neither ever happens. I prefer the massages. He's getting one - and a good one, too. Not a five-minute shoulder rub. I really don't want to think about a country where someone can be put to death with little or no evidence. I'll learn the ins and outs of a few cases. I can't stand arguing debating. I'll give him a full-on conversation that'll have him thinking for weeks.

So there you have it. My first random act of kindness goes to my husband on out anniversary.