Thursday, April 21, 2011

Had to Share This: WIN $1350 in Eco-Friendly Prizes Blog Giveaway!

I just couldn't know about this giveaway an not pass it on to others. Environmental Booty is having it's 2011 Great Green Earth Day Giveaway right now. There are just under 500 entries and it ends Earth Day (Friday, April 22) at midnight EDT! With all of the options for entering, the odds are great. Plus, with random number choosers, even one little entry could win you all of these amazing prizes:
  • "The Sister" style of Sandals from Naya - $120
  • Amazon Herb Co. Lluvia Basics skincare products - $190
  • Pro Energy Consultants Home Energy Audit - $500
  • Brightly Green All-Natural Aromatherapy Household Cleaners package - $51.43
  • Shaklee 'Get Clean Water' pitcher filtration starter kit - $67.70
  • two leaves and a bud Bamboo Tea Chest Sampler - $89.95
  • Coco-Zen Organic Truffles Gift Certificate - $25
  • BabyBearShop Organic Baby Wash + Shampoo - $20
  • Baby Harmony Pure Household Cleaners Spring Cleaning Package - $54.40
  • Rosie Emery CD for Children - $10
  • Oh Plah! Bracelet for Mom/Teether for Baby - $14.99
  • Sweet P's Organic Romance Gift Set - $20
  • NYR Organics Lip Gloss - $16
  • Outdoor Technology Inked Recycled Speakers - $7.95
  • EcoStrip Power Strip + $25 Gift Card - $64.95
  • Mia ella's Eco-Friendly Gourmet Jar Candle - $20
  • Reflex Safety Gear "Hot Lips" Pepper Spray - $8.99
  • Green Garnmeto 4-in-1 Garment Bag - $9.99
  • Geogenex Probiotic Hand Sanitizing Gel - $14.95
  • Book: Whole Earth Discipline by Stewart Brand - $20
  • Book: Signed Copy of Celebrate Green by Corey Colwell-Lipson and Lynn Colwell - $24.95
  • Book: Signed Copy of Plastic: A Toxic Love Story by Susan Freinkel - $27
OK, that's it! I'd LOVE to win this amazing package, wouldn't you???  Hurry on over an enter - you have until Friday night to do so!!!

**The only thing I'm getting out of posting about this giveaway is 10 extra entries. Hopefully, it'll be the difference between my winning or not. If YOU enter the giveaway ecause you read about it here, please let me know. I'd be so happy!!!


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THis is great Alicia! THanks so much for letting me know about it!!
Thanks for bringing your toolbar by!!!