Thursday, September 15, 2011

Learning to Use the Potty Comes With All Kinds of New Discoveries!

***If you aren't into reading about poop and stuff, you may want to just skip this post!

...You've been warned!

OK, so little guy's getting really good at using the potty. He basically runs around without a stitch of clothes on when we're at home. He runs to his Boon Potty Bench on his own throughout the day. Sometimes he asks to go potty in the "big toy-wit" and we head into the bathroom. The first couple of weeks without diapers, I would put one on him at night - just in case. After repeatedly waking up dry, I decided that sleeping sans pants would probably be a good idea. I haven't woken up to a warm puddle under my body yet!

Now, with learning to go potty comes a very concentrated study of one's own body. All of those parts that were once covered in diapers and pants are now available for close inspection. Let me just say that he loves his "winkie" so much. It's a nifty little item to have, you know? When you jump on the bed, it jumps with you. It feels kinda cool, too... squishy. Not like any other body part! Oh, and it gets the neatest reaction out of a big brother when you say, "Hey Brubber, you wanna see my winkie? Tee-hee-hee!" The power he has! LOL
Even in his sleep!

Another "cool" thing about going potty is you can see what has come out of your body. With diapers, you lay there while someone wipes away the mess and then whisks away the pee and poop. Little Guy's newest thing is to inspect his poops. "Look, Mama! A little wormie poop!" He's also had , "Three poops! A great big daddy poop, a mommy poop, and a little tiny baby poop!" He MUST check out every single bowel movement and announce what it looks like. We've had bunny rabbits, cookies, and even a monster truck appear in his potty. He also notes the color. Yeah, it's always brown. But he feels he needs to let me know that it's brown this time, too! Oh, and it's stinky, too. He never forgets to ask me if I'd like to smell it - ugh!

So, while learning to go potty may be a struggle for some children and parents, it's been nothing but fun around here. Who'd have ever thought that this kind of thing could bring out such an imagination? And I think that his scientific evaluation is pretty cool, too. Just as long as he doesn't decide to see how poop feels, right?!


Candice said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Oh yes...we're going through all of that too!

teresa said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I love it. Great photos too! It seems like you're doing everything "right". We started that cycle, the nudity and pottying... but them my little one went rogue. Control issues, poop issues and at 4 we're still working on it.
It's nice to hear your story!

Gauri said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Very sweet. I totally got caught out in the same way by the night-training. It just happened (well...) over-night on day 2 of the diaper-free period, for us. Incredible, really.

And yes, I totally hear you on the exploration of the body and what goes in the potty - funny - but it is a little different with a younger one: less words, same interest.