Thursday, October 27, 2011

MelJoy Creations - Review and Extra (Easy) Entry {#MadeInMichigan}

This is a review for one of my sponsors of the Made in Michigan Blog Giveaway Hop, which will take place from October 28 – November 2. I will be offering my readers the chance to win a (Hand)Made in Michigan prize package worth nearly $200! Please take a moment to read about this wonderful Etsy shop and then fill out the Rafflecopter form below for a very easy extra entry into the giveaway.

MelJoy Creations is located in Sebewaing, MI - right in the "thumb" on the edge of Saginaw Bay. I've been to the general area just a few times and it's just beautiful! It is the perfect inspirational place for the gorgeous pieces of jewelry that the mother-daughter team (Melissa & Joy) create.

I can't tell you how excited I was to hear from Melissa that she would be interested in participating in this giveaway hop. Just one look at the thumbnail images at MelJoy Creations will tell you how much creativity goes into each piece. I'm finding it hard to resist showing you each and every bracelet, necklace and set of earrings! Each piece of hand-woven beaded jewelry is made with such craftsmanship using quality beads, crystals, and gemstones. You'll be able to find the perfect item for any occasion - from wedding to everyday - here.

For this review, Melissa created a beautiful bracelet for me. She asked me what colors I like and I just didn't know what to say. My reply was something along the lines of, "Natural colors - green, brown, blue. Just anything natural." Um, yeah. THAT certainly must have given her a lot of help! But, somehow, she managed to send me something that is perfect. This bracelet goes with just about every piece of clothing I own - no kidding! And I absolutely love the Flat Spiral Weave because it looks casual enough to wear with jeans and a T-shirt, yet it would also fit perfectly with a formal dress. Oh, and I feel confident that I'm not going to break it while playing Hot Wheels - LOL!
This is my bracelet!

I just cannot fathom the amount of time that must go into a single bracelet, let alone a necklace! It turns out that each piece can take anywhere from hours to several days. And, when you consider the materials, time, and concentration that must go into each, it's hard to believe that the prices are so low. And, until October 31, you can use the discount code: BOO20 to receive 20% off your entire order from MelJoy Creations. Just look at this gorgeous Woven Spiral Bracelet with Swarovski Pearls and Crystals below and consider that it is only $24 ($19.20 with discount!) And, then, consider how much time it must have taken to complete and try to think of the cost of the materials added to that. Someone is getting short-changed here, and I don't think it's the buyer! I cannot imagine anyone who wears jewelry would not be able to find a piece that suits her at MelJoy Creations. Customizations are welcome and they will work with you to find the perfect piece, almost always at *no additional cost*! So, if you see a color combination that you like, but not in the patter you like (or vice-versa), just ask.

And one more thing before this post gets too long! You can order children's jewelry, too. Made with Fireline, the kids' pieces have added strength to keep the bracelets in one piece and looking pretty. Sizes for children range from Newborn to Teen, so you're sure to be able to find a bracelet that is the perfect fit!
You can also find MelJoy Creations on Facebook and their Blog. Make sure to follow both to keep updated on discounts, new pieces, and to learn about how the business of jewelry-making and bead-weaving works (check out this really interesting post!)

Disclosure: I received one custom flat spiral weave bracelet for the purpose of this review. No other form of compensation has been received. All opinions are my own.