Friday, October 14, 2011

World #Peace Before 2021 {Gotta read this!}

Have you heard of Axil Kollist? If not, you should know about this amazing kid. At the age of six, Axil learned about the horrors of war and the effects that war has on civilians around the world. He wanted to do something, anything, to get the message out that world peace really is attainable. He chose 2021 as his goal for world peace because that is the year that he will turn 21 years old. Think his ideas are too grand to be realized? Consider what he wrote on his Web site, World Peace Before 2021:
"My Mom told me that President John Kennedy set a goal that the USA land a Man on the Moon before 1970. People didn’t think it could be done. But with a lot of hard work, that ‘impossible’ goal was reached. And just in time.. In July of 1969. My goal for World Peace Before 2021 may seem impossible.. But really it isn’t!"

So, how is a kid activist going about spreading his message? The simplest ways imaginable, that's how. On the Web site, you can request a free Bumper Sticker to put on your car (well, ours is on the tote bag I carry around with Little Guy's extra change of clothes, snacks,  and just-in-case bandages!) I've been asked about that sticker more times than I can recall, so merely displaying it somewhere really does help spread the word! He's now 11 years old and has already sent out tens of thousands of these bumper stickers all over the world and currently has them in English, French, and Spanish (you can help him out by going here and translating his message into another language for him!) He's also distributing Buttons to anyone, worldwide, who emails him to request one. You can read about how Axil got started with his distribution in this article about his winning the Little Humanitarian Award in 2007.

And, yet another way that Axil is sharing his message is through song! You can listen to it at the bottom of this post (I can't get the video to move! LOL). It is also embedded on the World Peace before 2021 Web site.

Now, why am I writing about this? Because Axil's mom recently wrote a submission to the Reader's Digest Your Life contest. The winner will receive $25,000, and I can only imagine what he'd be able to do with that money! He needs your votes to win this thing, so please consider heading over and voting for PEACE! HERE is the direct link to the entry.  You will have to have to like Reader's Digest on Facebook to vote (sorry). I already like them, so I didn't have to find out. You can vote once every 24 hours - Voting ends 11/15/2011.


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