Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Holiday Parade - Yeas, We Already Had Ours! {Wordless Wednesday}

Last Saturday was the kick-off to the holiday season in our town. We attended a parade, Little Guy visited Santa for the first time, and we ran into a few familiar faces. We came home and warmed up with some hot apple cider, which I put into the crock pot before we left, and Smiley Cookies.

"It's THOMAS!!!"

Marchin' Mans
Here come Elmo & Cookie Monster!

Pretending to look like they're interested in the parade, but really wonder, "How much longer do we have to stand here before we can wander around?"

All he asked for was "Thomas"

"Bye, Mom!" He was not afraid of these guys AT ALL. In fact, I was kind of cramping his style with all of the picture-taking.

The picture above is from this year. The one on the right is last year's. Now, if you'll notice, both Buzz and Woody look as if they've been partaking in some of nature's more psychedelic gifts. Now, I thought that someone would have noticed this and done a little work on the costumes for this year. NOPE! So, I had my oldest stand next to Buzz and he gladly obliged with the goofy face for me.

"Hmm, I wonder how many cookies I can grab before anyone notices..."