Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I Think I'm In Over My Head!

OK, so I know I haven't been posting like I should. You see, I've really taken on too much. I have quite a few reviews and giveaways that I've agreed to that need to be written. When I accepted all of these offers, it wasn't a big deal. But then, all of the review items came in the same week - and I need to write up my reviews and giveaway posts withing a certain time frame after receiving the items. So... watch out for the onslaught of reviews coming up in the next couple of days.
I told him (repeatedly) that if he didn't quit making goofy faces every time I took a picture, I'd use these photos in a blog post. Well, wanting to be true to my word, here's the first one! LOL

I haven't been posting "real" stuff because I feel guilty doing that when there are these reviews hanging over my head. I made a little rule for myself: Get the "work" done, then I can "play". So, since I've been procrastinating on the "work", the "play" is just waiting rather impatiently. I've considered just writing easy, copy-and-paste reviews, but it's not my style. Each of the review & giveaway items were accepted by me because I think they're actually good things to have. I want to do the companies that took the time to send me this stuff justice. That means spending some actual time on each post.

My goal is to have them all written and posted by Thanksgiving Day. Then, I can get back into writing about other things. I have posts floating around in my head about how artificial food dyes really do seem to affect my Little Guy, going to the doctor's and the dance we do with each other about vaccines, two really great projects we've done, and a few recipes. Plus, I really want to join the Mindful Mama Blog Carnival for December, so I have that post to write, and my Mindful Parenting Collaboration post. And a few others... they're all written down on a notepad next to my computer.

This is a heads-up. I haven't switched over to an "all-reviews, all the time" blog. Just in over my head a little!