Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cousins! {Wordless Wednesday}

 On Sunday, we spent the day at my dad's. Once a year, mt brother, sister, and I are able to all get together at the same time. Little Guy has been so excited to play with his cousins and had me show him pictures of them every day for a week leading up to the party. Now, he hasn't seen my nephew (5 months younger than Little Guy) since last Christmas, so I was a little worried that they might not really know what to do with each other. I was wrong!
With no car, my dad had to pick us up early. My guys watched a movie while waiting for everyone else to arrive.

Two minutes after his cousin got there! You just HAVE to jump on a bed like this.

I can't believe he actually sat long enough to play a game of Go Fish with my niece!
And check this one out! Awww...


My niece added to the party atmosphere with a little music - and Little Guy "helped"
But he's a much better dancer than he is a keyboard player!

100% Satisfied!