Monday, December 5, 2011

Don't Have Time to Bake? {Smiley Cookie Review & 20% OFF!}

Now, I want you to know that I don't just grab up any review opportunity that comes along. Before I decided to do this review, I headed over to the Smiley Cookie site to check them out. What I found was surprising to me! The first thing I do when I contemplate buying a food item - online or in store - is check the ingredients. If I can read the listed ingredients without having to remember high school chemistry terms, I already feel good about the product. Smiley Cookies have ingredients that I can say without sounding-out the word. Yay! And, while some of the ingredients may not be the kind that we eat everyday, I see absolutely no reason to keep my family from indulging from time to time. This list of ingredients (wheat flour!) is tame enough that I wouldn't consider these cookies to be "indulgent" for my group of guys.

So, I decided to do the review. I can't tell you how excited I was when the package came in the mail! I secretly opened it up to check out the cookies. I didn't want anyone to know I had them because I had plans for them! I have to tell you that the box they came in is great. It is sturdy and has little Smiley Cookies all over it (see the pic below). I am still trying to decide what to do with it - send my mom's Christmas gifts in it or use it for something around here... Anyway, after I got through admiring the box, I saw the cookies - THEY WERE HUGE! I was expecting some little cookies that would just whet my family's appetite for more. Nope!

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I posted pictures of our outing downtown to watch the parade and meet Santa? I decided that, when we got home, we'd warm up with our Christmas Cookie gift and some warm cider. I hid the box of cookies where I knew no one would find them: behind the flour (I'm the only one who cooks around here!) Before we left for the parade, I poured the cider into the crock pot, added the spices, and set it to "warm". We all got outside and I "forgot" something. I came back in, pulled the cookies from their hiding place, and set them on the kitchen table.

When we got home, we were pretty chilled. The smell of the cider was welcoming! When the kids got into the kitchen, they were so excited to see this mysterious box with lots of Smiley Cookies all over it sitting on the table. They took off their coats as fast as they could and headed into the living room (they did not like that I wanted pictures!)

We received Smiley Cookies' Holiday Cookie Gift ~ a dozen Christmas cookies — Six Smiling Christmas Trees and Six Gingerbread Smiles.

They couldn't open them fast enough! As soon as the box was opened, my husband walked in, asking what was going on - as if he didn't know! LOL They all dun in. Little Guy, who loves "took-tees", couldn't sit still.I had to remind them all to save me one of each so I could taste them for this review. I can say that, without a doubt, we all loved these cookies!

 I was expecting to get crunchy cookies - something I'm not too fond of. Boy, was I surprised to bite into a SOFT cookie, instead! The gingerbread were perfect. The spice was just right and the texture was amazing. There was just enough icing from the smiley face to add the perfect amount of sweetness. The Christmas trees were sugar cookies. Now, I am pretty darn picky about sugar cookies - I've been spoiled by my Granny T's recipe. These were sugar cookies that I would buy! They were really good. Soft, light, and the icing was the perfect compliment.

Apologizing to the smiling tree before he finishes him off.

The happiest guy in the world - fists full of cookies!

I am so happy I did this review. I have found a new "favorite" cookie for the kids (and hubby!) that has ingredients that I know.The next time I want to order a Gourmet Christmas Gift for someone, Smiley Cookies will be the first place I turn to!
Notice how Little Guy is keeping his eye on how many cookies are left? LOL!
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