Friday, January 6, 2012

I Cut His Hair

Yep, Little Guy got his first haircut on New Year's Eve - right before bed. I really didn't want to cut those gorgeous little ringlet curls. I had no idea if they'd come back or not. The top of his head had straight hair! I asked a few barbers what they thought and no one could predict whether the weight of the hair was weighing down so much that it became straight, or if it was just growing that way. BUT, he had been asking be to borrow my barrettes regularly. Yeah. He couldn't see his Hot Wheels when he was playing, it was poking him in the eye when he jumped on the bed, and he was getting really frustrated with the fact that it was ruining his paintings - he'd paint, turn his head to re-load the brush, and turn back to find that his hair has brushed the paper and messed up his artwork!
The final straw was when I washed his hair on New Year's Eve. When his hair was wet, it reached half-way down his back. I noticed black hunks of ??? at the ends as I was pouring on the water. Upon closer inspection, those hunks were fuzzies from blankets. They had become entangled in his hair and were beginning to turn into mini-dreads! (I didn't notice before because his hair brush has gaps that are too large, so I'm on the lookout for one that is smaller right now.)

I started the haircut by simply cutting out the gnarly wads of ick. Then, I decided to layer the back a little. See if the curl would come back. As his hair dried, it began to curl up - even on the shorter pieces! So, I thinned it out some more and then moved to the front. Now, this is where I've always screwed up my oldest's hair. Either I don't cut enough and his hair was back into his eyes in a matter of days, or I cut too much and it would take months for him to look like a normal little boy again! (I give him money to go get his hair cut now. There's no way I'm sending him to high school with a screwed up home haircut!) Anyway, I started out by just cutting a little bit. It curled up! So, I cut more until it was the right length. You see, my oldest has very straight hair, so there was no way to hide mistakes. But with Little Guy's crazy curls, I could have probably taken a huge chunk out and it wouldn't have been too noticeable.

So, without further ado,
Little Guy's New Haircut:
AFTER (I had forgotten what he looked like!)


Jen Crum said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

adorable!!! and those baby blues pop out even more!

Mary said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

You did a really good job! He's so adorable!

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