Monday, March 5, 2012

Very Quick Update

I now have an Etsy shop!!!! Come browse my whopping 7 items at McCrenshaw's Newest Knits when you have time. I'm working very hard to get more items finished, photographed, described, and listed. My goal is to have a full page of items listed on my shop's homepage by the end of next week. I just need more hours in a day and faster fingers! Anyway, I'm very excited about some of the ideas I have for items, so check back for new listings every few days.

I promise that blog posts will be coming back this week.I'm giving my oldest his first real job: as a typist. The idea is I will speak my posts into the voice recorder of my MP3 player and, when he gets home from school, he will type what I've said. Later that night, I'll simply edit and add photos! I'm not sure how well this will work, so we're going to do a trial run of 2 weeks. I am trying to make this as close to a real job as possible for him to give him a taste of what will be expected of him in his future jobs. Also, I'll be able to write him a nice letter of recommendation when the time comes for him to get a real job.

I'm just wondering how much to pay him, what kind of hours to set, etc. It's not like we're rolling in the dough, so the paying thing is going to be tough. I'm trying to think of what I could use to barter with him. He asked if I could make some Amigurumi for him to sell to friends at school and at the trading card shop where he hangs out. Maybe I could make those in exchange for blog posts and he can sell them for whatever he wants? Is that legal? Any other ideas?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!