Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Activity {Word-FULL Wednesday}

 Last weekend, we visited our county's historical museum. Each year, there are Christmas Trees displayed that have been decorated by the various organizations, businesses, and clubs in the area. Many of the trees were covered with items that would be donated to local charities, such as the ones we saw covered in baby items and socks.

We had to walk rather quickly through the explorer, pioneer, and Native American displays in the museum. Little Guy liked looking, but he longed to touch! He did like checking out the sections with musical instruments from marching bands of eras long gone and the history of the firefighters in the area. We finally made it to the second floor, what our family dubbed "The Custer Show". You see, Gen. George Custer is from our town. I found it kind of weird that a town would celebrate the leader of Custer's Last Stand, but I've since learned that the man had quite an outstanding military record. Um... until that final little faux pas, that is.

So, once we got through the Custer section, we came upon what Little Guy so badly needed - a hands-on section! They had a Civil War Era campsite set up with replica uniforms of various sizes. (They also has a section with women's and girls' clothing from the same time period.)
Darn hat!
He made me some "coffee" on the campfire.

See Custer in the background?
We had a lot of rain last week, causing the river to jump way above it's normal depth. There was quite a bit of flooding and many road closings for a couple of days. Just so you can see the difference, I've included a photo of what it usually looks like below.
See the bridge in the background? I was standing on that bridge, facing toward the one in the foreground, to take the photos above. Big difference, huh?

Stopped at the park on the way home. It's been a few weeks since we've been there. Turns out Little Guy figured out how to propel himself on the swing like this! No more pushing him every 2 seconds (I think!)