Tuesday, October 25, 2011

PETfection - Review and Extra (Easy) Entry {#MadeInMichigan}

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I have to tell you, I've tried every possible natural solution to the fleas and ticks and NONE have worked. I mean, I went so far as to start making my own cat food so I could add lots of garlic after reading that it's a deterrent to most biting insects. Nada, though I still make the cat food - healthier and way cheaper! I even paid an arm and a leg for some different "natural" solutions that still included chemicals that I can't pronounce and even they didn't work.

We live in a wetlands area and the woods behind our home are a great breeding ground for fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, chiggers... I could go on and on. The woods also have lots of little critters - skunk, raccoons, opossum, squirrels, etc. - all of which my cat LOVES playing with. (Not kidding - he loves the spring, when all of the little babies come out for play time. He's got some very good raccoon friends!) Oh, and here's his favorite place to nap:
In frustration, I finally just bought some of those toxic drops you put on the back of your pet's neck (I think you know what I mean.) Applying that stuff meant our poor kitty, Number 1, was treated... differently for a few weeks. No sleeping on the bed. No getting petted. Under NO circumstances was he allowed near the kids or in the kitchen. I always felt so badly at his confusion. What did I do?! That's when the presents would start. Normally not a killer, he'd try to win out love back by leaving us little "gifts" on the porch: mice, birds, even little baby bunnies.
Enter my newest heroes:

PETfection sent me some Cat Bug Spray to try out - and just in time for the fall round of fleas! The Bug Spray is not an insecticide, rather a prevention. It is non-toxic and 100% organic, containing Peppermint and Geranium Hydrosols to deter the insects from even hitching a ride. It keeps fleas, ticks and mosquitoes away from both Number 1 and my family. Oh, and in addition to keeping the bugs away, it is also great for their skin, balancing the oil production. In the few short weeks we've been using the Cat Bug Spray, Number 1 has completely stopped itching and his fur seems even softer than ever. And I don't know if I can attribute this to the spray or not: The reminder of Number 1's last (stinky) romp with his skunk friend went away after just three days rather than the couple of weeks it normally takes.

I urge you to check out PETfection for any of your pet's needs (and wants, too!) They have their own line of shampoos, sprays, homemade treats, organic toys, and even gift baskets... just about any pet product you can think of. I love that they focus on pet health in this way. I mean, I know there are a lot of people out there who are concerned with their families' ingestion of toxins, but what about pets? Their bodies are so much smaller than humans' and, often, much more sensitive to chemicals and pesticides. If your pet is part of your family, then you really should treat him or her the same. You don't choose inferior snacks for your child because he's smaller, therefore less important. Why should you do so for Fido or Fluffy? I cannot think of a better way to put it, so this is directly from their Web site:
"No chemicals, additives, pesticides, solvents, fillers, or artificial preservatives are used in the cultivation, processing, transportation, or storage of any PETfection product or any of their ingredients."
Oh, and don't think that because PETfection has natural and organic pet products that they charge outrageous prices! Their Puppy Suds, for instance, comes in three sizes: 16oz, 4oz., and 2oz. and prices range from just $13.95 to $3.95 (with a few different scents to choose from). PETfection is based in Grosse Pointe, Michigan (right around the first joint in the "thumb", north of Detroit and on the western shore of Lake St. Claire.) AND, if you have your order shipped to any Michigan address, you will receive FREE SHIPPING - no coupon code needed!!!

You can find PETfection at their Web site, on Etsy (free shipping is only good on orders through their Web site), on Facebook, and on Twitter

Disclosure: I received one 2oz. bottle of Cat Bug Spray from PETfection for the purpose of writing this review. I received no other form of compensation. All opinions are my own.